Cheap & Easy
Shelter Plans
A few nice tools make this shelter so easy to build. But you could make it
without power tools also. This shelter cost about $15 in materials and with
good tools and a helper assembles in less than one hour.  
It is a little over 30 inches tall and the floor space is 3 feet by 4 feet.
Materials needed:
3 - 2x3 studs ($1.65 each at Lowe's)
1 - 4x8 sheet OSB ($7 - 8)
6 tie plates (65 cents each)
Step one - Cut the OSB into three
pieces. You will need two pieces that
are three feet wide, the last piece will
obviously be two feet wide.
Step two - Set the chop saw to sixty
degrees and cut the 2x3's into pieces
that are 33 1/4 inches on the long side.
Note that the 2x3's are cut so the
angles go toward each other.
Step Three - Lay three pieces of 2x3
to form a triangle.  Use a tie plate to
join the wood at the corners. Repeat to
form two triangles.
Step Four - To join the 4' x 3' piece of
OSB to the first triangle, we stood the
OSB up on end against the side of the
triangle and shot it with the staple gun
to secure. Then we set the OSB
horizontal and put the second triangle
in place.
Step Five is to join the second piece
of OSB to the other side.
You could use screws or nails to join the pieces
also, but the staple gun makes it so much easier.
Step Six-
Use the last piece of OSB to make the
back. Just set it on the ground and
trace the cuts you will need to make -
You could leave that little space open
at the top for ventilation, but there was
enough wood to cut a piece and fill the
gap - so we did. Then we used a hole
saw to cut ventilation holes. Either way
works fine.
Step Seven - optional -
Get a kid to paint the house for you.
It will look nicer and weather better.
Step Eight - Throw in some grass hay
if you like, so your pup (or goat) has a
nice snuggly place to lay down.
The goats love these houses too!
One benefit is that they can not jump
on the house to get over the fence.
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