Reference Goats
Snowdale Acres Sweet Bit Alice  ~  Born
Joyful Hearts GD Johnny Jump Up X
Snowdale Acres Tootsie
LA young stock 2011 - ++EC

Alice is an exact duplicate of her
momma Tootsie. Our first registered
baby out of JJ (but we call him Toby - or
Little man) She is super sweet and a
cookie monster just like her
mom and aunt. She delivered triplets
and was a great milker. Sadly we lost
her due to acute bloat.
Snowdale Acres Sue Bee     Born 3.23.2011
Snowdale Acres LVR Splendid      Born 4.22.10
Both out of Lost Valley TB Remedy X Das-Acres Jalyn

Sadly we lost Sue Bee due to illness over the summer. Splendid is a
litter mate sister of Nutmeg's, she came back to us fall of 2012.  
This cross has consistently produced great hand milking goats,
with large easy to milk teats and great dispositions - she has been
relocated to the
Flip-Flop Ranch - Check them out!
Snowdale Acres LVR Tootsie
Born 2.12.2002
Lost Valley TB Remedy X Artist Eye Miz Behavin

Tootsie was born half the size of her littermates. My
dad adopted her and spoiled her and she grew up
(sorta) to be his best girl! Tootsie and her half sister
Star are part of my dad's herd and share the property
with my goats.
First kidding - June 2010 - Twins

Sadly we lost her spring of 2012 due to bloat.
Foxcroft Xanadu
Angora Buck "Bono" x
Foxcroft Mars and Venus

Xandy is a Nigora goat - she grows a woolly blonde
coat in the winter and sheds out to a slick brown coat
in the summer.   Xandy came to us almost wild, but
she became very friendly as a milk doe.
I kept Kizmet see her on the doe page!

Went to a new home with two of her babies.
AMF Queen Anne's Lace ~ Born 5.10.2008
AGS Classified 'VG' 86.7  ~ Height 21 3/4
Fairlea Barnaby Rudge *S x MCH/CH Jobie Lacie
*D 'E' 92

Lace is a very feminine, long and dairy doe, who
hates being photographed. Her udder is lovely
and great for hand milking.
Her pedigree is impressive - her daughter Lily is
here as well as a few grand kids.
Nitnoi's FW Oreo  
Born 3.11.2009  ~Rockin-CB QK Wager x  Nitnoi's SB

Oreo is a great example of her breed. Dairy, long, level,
elegant, angular - and she is fabulous to milk.  She is a playful
little baby goat in a huge body - always into mischief!

Kidding History - March 2011 - Twins
Milked Through Spring 2012 Surprised me with Emma in
June 2012
Moved to Lancaster to live with Jan.
BRB YJ Sasha  Born 2/23/06
Promisedland CP Yellow Jacket x Twin Creeks AH Arwen

Sasha is getting creaky in her upper years we have retired
her from the breeding program after severe mastitis in
Snowdale Acres LVR Splendid      4.22.10
Snowdale Acres Sue Bee   3.23.2011
Das -Acres Jalyn
Born 03.01.2007            LA 2011 +V++ 82
Ch Smoky Hill Dream Keeper x Das Acres Kenny's Joy
This lady has made me more mini nubians than I know
what to do with! And more milk than I know what to do
She will go with Serina and give the Flip Flop Ranch
more milk than they know what to do with - I hope!
Das - Acres VM Melody
'EEVE 90'

Losing Melody this spring broke my heart. She gave
me twin kids and we lost her only a month after she
kidded. I am hoping her little man can bring some
length to my mini nubian program.
Snowdale Acres Sugar Cookie  Born 03/29/07
Dusty Bear DL Lucky's Ace x  BRB YJ Sasha

Sugar was an only baby and so she grew and grew   -
she had all of her mama's attention and now she is a
wee bit over height ...and over weight. So she is being
held dry till she shrinks.
Foxcroft Mars and Venus ~ Born
Foxcroft School's Out For Summer x
SRF RP Princess Jellybean

Venus is a character - but she is 8
years old now and just hangs out here
as part of the old lady club. I am okay
with that.
Some are here, some are gone - These goats are
just not on our active breeder list right now - but
they have all contributed to our efforts here.
Teeny Tiny "Nessie"
Sire: Good Goats Xploder  #  XN01143
Dam: Teeny Tiny Milkshake # XN01530
This girl came to us bred to Eagle River Treasure Chest
And that is where Jack-A-Lope came from!

Nessie had to be taken out of the milk program when she
came down with mastitis in 2012 - but she is a grandma to
several of our mini-nubians born in 2013
Snowdale Acres JZ LuLu Bell - 03/15/2012
Urban Acres Charming JAZZ MAN - (N001589757)
Snowdale Acres LVR Nutmeg

LuLu went to be a milker for a friend's family and she is
just the sweetest thing ever. We Love her so much - but
realized at some point you can't keep everything you love
to yourself - we had about 20 gallons of milk the fridge
and thought - ok time to share the love!
Danielle and her boys adore her!
~  Mixie Girls  ~

Sired by: Rosasharn HB Gideon *B *S
out of AMF Queen Anne's Lace
LA 2011 - +VV 84 ~ Born 6/19/09

Not the very best picture of Toby - but contributed
to our herd and recently he moved to our friends
house to sire mini-standard crosses.
Look at how dairy he is! But he was also over
height for a nigie..
Later I learned his sire had thrown a few OH kids
and was OH himself - live and learn I guess!
Buck - Toby