Nubians and Mini-Nubians

Urban Acres Wendy
is a Purebred Nubian from
one of the best goat
breeders in California.

Taking a picture of her is such
a challenge because she is
always under my feet!

She has a year of growing
before we breed her.
Snowdale Acres LVR Saffron
    Out of Jalyn and Remedy
Mini nubians are my favorite breed. They are the perfect
size, their ears stick straight out (in the earlier
generations at least) And they make amazing family
milkers! Our Nubian lines come from
two of the best breeders in Southern California -
Das-Acres and Urban Acres.
Dinah is out of Hudson and Nutmeg.
Hudson was out of Jack and Melody.
Jack gave Nutmeg two girls