The Lambar
When feeding more than one baby, a Lambar system can be a real time and work saver.  
Although The Lambar Feeding Outfit is a specific kid feeding system offered through
companies like Jeffers  (See
HERE ) It is easy to make a feeding system yourself.
Here are a few ideas...
Mini- Lambar - or the Dwarf Bar

I love these little girls, but feeding them all together is a challenge.
I was thinking of building a LamBar for them, but they are so small,
I wasn't sure they would be able to handle it. Besides that I couldn't
find a feed store near me that sold the special LamBar nipples.
I searched through my kitchen and here is what I found.
1/4 inch clear tubing
Prichard Teats
Empty club soda bottle
Coffee cup (weighted base)
Goat milk
And here is what the finished product looks like!
It took a bit of force to get the tubing into the Prichard teat.
Also my tubes were too long at the beginning and the babies
got frustrated with the system. Once I cut the tubes down
and raised the level of the milk they figured it out very quickly!
Once they all got the hang of it we
created a mini bar! Look at those girls go!
I am sure we will be moving to a larger
size soon, but for now, this seems to be
As they grew we converted a kitty sand pail to
accommodate their growing appetites.