Pygmy goats have
rounder, thicker bones.

Bred to be meaty and

Breed standards calls
for animals that are
muscular, cobby and
compact. Wide body
with proportionally
short limbs and neck.

Max height:*
Bucks   23 5/8"
Does     22 3/8"

Typically agouti
colored, black or
Bred to be small with
same proportions as
standard dairy goats.
Long, smooth, angular
and open.

Bred to produce milk.
Many breeders keep
detailed milk records
and work towards
improving milk capacity
and production.

Max Height*
Bucks     23"
Doe         21"

Wide variety of colors
and patterns - can have
blue eyes.
* Max height is not a guarantee of how tall a goat will be at the withers, but is the
standard for show goats.  Some goats may grow to be slightly taller.

Both types of goats are generally friendly and easy to handle.
We raise Nigerians because they tend to produce more milk for their size.
Pygmies can also be milked, but they are not usually bred to be high milk
Both Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goat trace their ancestry
back to the West African Goat.  They have been selectively
bred during the past 30 years into these two distinct types.
Nigerians may seem taller because of their long graceful necks - but it is an
optical illusion -they are usually smaller at the withers than Pygmy goats.
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