Mar 15 2013

Missed you

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Sorry readers. I am a bad bad blogger.

I have a lot on my heart, but I am just not sure what to do with it. I have been some kind of crazy grumpy with my mate. Oh yes I know  I know – I just need to keep on luvin’ and hope he figures out what is going on. Um. No.

If I continue on that path he will just keep doing what he is doing and I am not liking that very much.  I  realize that what I am seeing is a reflection of some of my own short comings. But I am seriously unhappy most of the time lately. Sucks. Real bad.

Okay so relationship is a negaive 2 on the joy scale…

The goat herd is a 7-8 on the scale though – so far we have 8 kids on the ground and are running 75% female. Everyone is doing well there. Three more mommas are impending this week. I love babies.

I am working on my front planter also and happy with that.

My kids education is progressing. Looking at getting a lap top – nice ones with software right now – $600-$700. Can plug into the TV also. Portable. Pretty fast. I was looking at a Toshiba like this - it was about $550 at the local store. not a bad price..But my sister was saying laptops overheat and are touchy…I dunno. still thinking. I have a local awsome homeschool family that got 3-D printer and is teaching workshops with them, so Danny has been working on a lot of computer programming stuff lately the program they use is free from google called SketchUp. You can design things (not huge things but coffee can sized stuff) and email to people with 3-D printers and have a real product mailed back to you – cool no?

Also today when I asked my three year old grandson if I was fat he said “No grandma you are buff!”

Life can’t be too bad with comments like that – right?

I am busy ruminating folks. That is what we do while the shepherd is keeping watch over us. I am just slowly digesting stuff while my enemies try to think of ways to trip me up. Here is a nice bit from my husband’ s cousin on Psalm 23  he has some kind of Mac app for bible study called Accordance it is free and he is always talking about how much he likes it. They are working on a PC version but my Mac friends might like it very much!

Here is the view of the comet and new moon from our front yard on Tuesday. Catcha later.







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  1. Hearthroseon 16 Mar 2013 at 9:43 am

    My one little piece of advice is to take some time for yourself and go climb one of those nice convenient mountains, take a lunch, and sit on a rock and talk it *all* out to God without interruptions. Watch the wind, let the silence fill your hurt bits, and wait on the Lord.

    Nobody online is going to know all the factors, and you have so much going on in your home and in your heart. But God will answer you and force you to be really honest with yourself. He loves you and will give you direction – but you’ve got to get somewhere you can pour out the junk inside so you *can* listen.


  2. Fiberaddicton 17 Mar 2013 at 4:32 am

    I’ve had laptops for….8 years or so. They DO get warm if you sit for hours with it in your lap, but I’ve never had one overheat on me. Yet. (And most of those were windows machines :lol: )

    As for the other, no real advice, just hugs.

  3. alion 17 Mar 2013 at 10:08 am

    The night that I wrote this was Friday and after the sun set and I finally got to bed We had a talk.
    It was the ‘if you are a jerk I don’t want you to touch me talk.’

    I also told him when I hear his comments to his kids about them being whiny, woe is me and not willing to figure out how to make things better? yeah. I know where that comes from.

    It was slightly harsh. But the soft sell wasn’t working. Hopefully we can move forward now.
    Thanks ladies.
    PS the guy at the computer store said the bad thing about laptops is they collect dusty bits and are hard to clean out. Not like a Desktop you can just take off the side and blow all the dust bunnies away.

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