People are discovering that goats are
smart, playful and adorable pets.
Of course, anyone who loves goats has
heard that farm fresh raw goat milk is
delicious and has many health benefits.

Goat owners are able to enjoy sweet
creamy milk from their own animals
every day. Many people wish they could
do the same, but many issues make it
difficult to start up a private dairy herd.

It is expensive to invest in a herd
of quality dairy goats, time
consuming to tend to
all of their needs 365 days per year,
and not everyone has the space
or confidence needed to keep
animals on their own property.

The purpose of a Goat Share
Program is to enable people who
want to share in the ownership and
related responsibilities and expenses
of the animals at Snowdale Acres.

By splitting the cost of the
food bill, health costs and daily care,
we make it easier to enjoy all of the
wonderful benefits goats have to offer!

What are the risks?

We do not pasteurize milk at    
Snowdale Acres.
Sometimes goats chew things up and
Sometimes they step on our toes.
Life is full of risks.

Any food - if improperly handled can
pose a risk to the consumer. Please do
the research and decide for yourself if
farm fresh milk is right  for your needs.

We believe basic
rights include
of healthy and
food options