People are discovering that farm
fresh milk has many health benefits,
but it is not easy to find a source
of fresh milk or your family.

Many families would love to own
their own herd of goats and enjoy
delicious creamy milk from their
own animals every day. However
it is expensive to invest in a herd
of goats, time consuming to tend to
all their needs 365 days per year,
and not everyone has the space
needed to keep animals on their
own property.

The purpose of a Goat Share
Program is to enable people who
are interested in farm fresh milk
to own a share of an animal at
Snowdale Acres.  They pay for
a portion of the animal’s food bill,
health costs and care, and in return
they can drink fresh delicious milk
from their own goat!

Membership for the year is $60

Members may secure up to 4 shares per
month - one share is about 2 gallons per

** Star Shares **
Convenient - $15 per month!
Delivery up to 20 miles from Phelan
(once per week)
Request skim milk / cream / fresh cheese
(once per month)
Star members holding four shares may add
frozen 1/2 gal. jugs for $3 each to their
delivery (as available)

>>Basic Shares<<
Economical - $10 per share!
On site pick up only!

Membership is required for the
Goat Share Program.
Members are encouraged to visit the herd,  
and help with
feeding / milking / cleaning
once per month

Milk that has passed its prime will be
treated with food coloring and offered as
livestock supplement/pet use only for

Links to more information:

Goats in general -

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* note - Goat shares are only available on a
 local,  limited basis. (2013)
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