People are discovering that farm
fresh milk has many health benefits,
but it is not easy to find a source of
fresh milk for your family.

Many families would love to own
their own herd of goats and enjoy
delicious creamy milk from their
own animals every day. However it is
expensive to invest in a herd of goats,
time consuming to tend to all their needs
365 days per year, and not everyone
has the space needed to keep animals on
their own property.

The purpose of a Goat Share Program
is to enable people who are interested in
Farm Fresh milk to own a share of an
animal at Snowdale Acres.  They pay
for a portion of the animal’s food bill,
health costs and care, and in return they
can drink fresh delicious milk from their
own goat year round!

What are the risks?

We do not pasteurize milk at    
Snowdale Acres.

Any food - if improperly handled can
pose a risk to the consumer. Please do
the research and decide for yourself if
farm fresh milk is right  for your needs.
We feel that it is a basic human right to
have access to healthy and affordable food.

With a goat share you are only paying
for the care of your animal on  a month
to month basis.  We will not ask
what you intend to do with the milk your
animal produces - that is your decision!
Some options are - Produce cheese,
make soap, nurse orphan animals, etc.

We invite you to stop by to visit
the herd, request copies of milk
test results and ask any questions
you like! We love helping people.
Current milk test results can be viewed
online here:
June 2010 Test