Services Offered
I highly recommend that everyone learn how to take care of their own livestock.
However I understand that some jobs are overwhelming for the new goat owner.
Here are a couple of things we can help you with at Snowdale Acres.
If there is something else you need, please ask!
E-mail to make an appointment -
I try to keep my prices reasonable, but please understand that some goats are not interested in having
their feet trimmed or being tattooed. I am NOT a vet. I am a goat owner that loves these little critters
and I try to keep them healthy and happy.  I will not deal with wild or dangerous animals though.
I will not put myself or an animal in danger intentionally. I will not deal with animals that may have
contagious conditions which may put my farm or animals at risk. Hoof trimming, injections and
tattooing involve blood and I would rather use your equipment on your animals for bio-security reasons.

Services available on a case by case basis.

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.
Disbudding - Injections - Blood Draws - Hoof Trimming - Tattooing