One Week before kidding
- Trim your nails
- Have your kidding kit ready to go ( see below)
- Make sure momma has a nice place to kid
Let her sleep there at night
- Give birthing trim - see picture below)
 (note if this stresses out mom too much - skip it
    you can trim right after the kids are born)
-Start observing goat several times per day

*Once she shows any signs of kidding check her every 4 hours. Set  
an alarm and check on her in the night.

*Once she starts showing serious labor signs do not leave her side.
*If she is pushing for 20 minutes and nothing is happening - either  
investigate the problem - or call for help.
*Once kids are born - clear the airway.
*If you are letting mom raise the kids let them have colostrum
*Nursing helps with contractions.
*Make sure teats are clear.
*Make sure all kids get colostrum.
*If you are not sure that the mom is CAE free give heat treated  
*Dip kids umbilical cords in Iodine or clorahexadine
*Do NOT cut cords, unless they have been tied or clamped securely
*Collect colostrum (from CAE free does) for your freezer
*Once she has delivered her kids she should produce the afterbirth
within a couple of hours.

Remember goats have been having babies without anyone’s help for
thousands of years - usually they do fine all by themselves.
Signs of Kidding

*Appears restless, moves away from herd
*Paying much attention to her sides and smelling the ground
* Seems extra friendly or extra nervous
*Pawing at bedding or dirt (digging to china)
*Looking behind her and talking to her sides
*Talks to you
*Change in appetite
*Gets dreamy eyed
*Looks less pregnant than she did before-sides have hollowed
out, babies have dropped
*Lifts tail frequently and urinates frequently, usually not much
urine at a time
*Lays down and gets up more than usual
*Udder begins to fill more-looks tight and shiny-teats get full
*White discharge changing to an egg-white looking discharge,
sometimes may have some blood streaking in it.
*Sunken tailhead, arching tail



A doe will kid between 145-155 days of
being bred. Nigerians tend to kid between
day 143 and 147.

Know your goats breeding date.

Have your kidding kit ready:

In a large clothes basket
Old Towels, blankets, etc.
Paper Towels
Baby Wipes
Disposable gloves in a Ziploc bag
Bulb syringe
Phone with phone numbers


 Goat Friend -__________________

Note pad and pen
Hand sanitizer
Lubricant (OB-Lube, mineral oil)
Dental floss
Trash bag (tie it up high so the
                 goats don’t get it)



Birthing trim -
*Shave tail (leave a bit at the end)
*Inside of thighs
*Belly from a couple inches before
 the udder to the rear  of the goat

Note - some goats will totally FREAK out - if that is
your goat - I suggest skipping the hair cut - or
save it for once the babies are born.

Trimming the goat makes clean up much nicer
because all the birthing goop is not stuck in her
winter coat. If I have a goat that won't let me shave
her - I put mineral oil or something to that effect
(slippery and non-toxic) on here rear -
Like greasing a cake pan - to make clean up