Favorite links and helpful pages
Cheap and Easy Shelter Plans
ADGA Dairy Goat -
Linear Appraisal Handbook
We designed a super easy shelter -
costs about $20 for materials
Free Plans! Keep your goats (or dogs!)
dry and Enjoy!
What does a good dairy goat look like?
The Linear Appraisal handbook will
show you what traits to look for!
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This page is updated often - check back for new links!
Dwarves Vs. Pygmies
A side by side comparison of
two popular back yard breeds.
The Caprine 911 list - a fabulous
resource! I hope you never need to use it
- but here it is if you do!
If you have a Goat Emergency you can
find help here!
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Fiasco Farm
So much great information!
Goat care, raw milk, cheese making!
I have this site bookmarked and refer
to it often!
Real Milk
Although it is aimed at cow milk there is
still a lot of useful information here!
Color Test
Color combinations from our herd.
Lots of pictures - so dial up users beware.
Sick Goat?
Kidding Info

How we get ready for the blessed event!
Nigerian Colors and Genetics

Having trouble knowing what color your
goat is? Kylee of KW Farms has a great
Webpage full of color pictures to help you!

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Goat Services
If you live nearby and you need help
with disbudding, hoof trimming,
tattooing, etc - we may be able to help.