2014  Babies!
Heidi and Toby's kids Born on Feb 27th -

"Tiddly Wink" (Chamiosee -Retained)  and "Patty Cakes" (Buckskin -SOLD)
"Rubix" - Male, disbudded & first shots - SOLD! (Eilene and David)

Rue and Toby's babies Born on March 1st -   F1 - mini nubian

Layla and Sparky's babies Born on March 5th -

Danny's new kids - born on March 24th out of Ah
soka and Sparky
twin girls with blue eyes - Jenny also has wattles!

Nutmeg + Hudson had three babies - two are boys!

Lily had four babies - three are girls!

Sunflower had four babies - three are boys!

All together our 8 mama goats had 12 boys and 10 girls!

e-mail any questions to

Also Edwin - knows as Eddie the Yeti -
Our newest Prince Charming!

"Geo" - $50 or Free if taken as a companion to his
sister Genie
"Genie" - 1/4 La Macha - $150
Snowdale's The Sweet Jenny - $300
Snowdale's The Sweet Sara -$300

Danny is calling this girl Wendy - From the awesome
Urban Acres Farm in Poway!

The little Lady is Dinah and
the boy below her is Joseph.
The Tall Dark and Handsome
guy above is Big Ben.
Tumble - Sold           Tulip - $250          Orchid - $250        Dandy - $250
Kizmet's boys are 3/4
Nigerian Dwarf mixed
with equal parts Angora
and La Mancha.

They were the first kids I
have used dehorning
paste on. The You Tube
video can be seen